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Totally Flaccid

Totally Flaccid was first seen in 1992 in York University's "Vandoo" (Vanier College) newspaper. At the time Browning also penned the six-panelled minor cult hit "Wish I Were Here" for York's bigger paper "Excalibur" but soon realized a one panel strip was much more compatible with his social calendar than the six, and Totally Flaccid lived a longer life. Put on the back burner for many many years, most of the old Flaccids are gone forever, but in January 2000 Flaccid was revisited�and then again for a calendar in 2001. Now, thanks to this web page, perhaps the journey of one character (simply known as "Reaction Guy") and his occasional encounters with "The Tall Bald Guy with Glasses" is back for good... but probably not. Enjoy!

NEW! Space Corndogs
This Worked on Paper
The Ice Man Cometh
A Lovely Day at The Zoo
Tiger Boat

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